Michael Krause, born in 1956, spent a lot of time studying history. Today he works as an author, director, producer, and actor. In his books on science and technology he is especially interested in the people who are behind pioneering breakthroughs, spectecular events, or important advances that have contributed to a better understanding of the world and the universe.



»ANGIE - I get thirsty when women are lying" takes place in West-Berlin in the 1970s. The morbid city attracts many young people who want to escape from "West-Germany". Max Janzky, the main character of the novel, is in his early twenties. He is one of those refugees who try to find what they miss. The novel is a portrait of an era which is almost forgotten.


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CERN is one of the largest scientific research centers in the world. This informative and entertaining book provides a broad look at the fascinationg history of CERN, and the physicists working in different areas at CERN who were active in the discovery of the Higgs Boson.

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Table of contents:

Introduction: Tesla, the man, his life, and his legacy

Chapter: At midnight: Tesla’s birth, his ancestry | The Tesla family in Smiljan | The accident: Death of Dane, Nikola’s brother

Chapter: About Serbian history

Chapter: Wondering about the world: Tesla’s early years | From Gospic to Karlovac and Graz (1862-1875) | The Tesla method | Tesla psychology: Who was he? | Tesla’s self-dramatization | School-leaving exam (Matura) | Nikola the priest | Tesla the soldier

Chapter: The sun is the model – The alternating current system | Graz 1875-1878 | Tesla, the gambler | The discovery of the alternating current system in Budapest | Tivadar Puskás - a short history of the European telephone

Chapter: To Paris and New York | The recommendation: Charles Batchelor | Compagnie Edison Électrique | Swinging Paris | Problems in Strasbourg: Re-wiring a train station | The first AC motor | Tesla’s cerebral cinema | Tesla’s ‘automatic’ method

Chapter: New ideas for a new world | The Edison Machine Works | Thomas Edison | The beginning of the ‘electric world’ | Edison’s central stations | Bye-bye Edison | The gilded age, an era | Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing Company | Tesla Electric Company

Chapter: George Westinghouse | The transformer | William Stanley and the first AC system | The rotating magnetic field | Tesla’s ‘New York Lecture’

Chapter: The War of Currents | Who invented it: Ferraris or Tesla? | Deptford - the most modern power station in the world | George Westinghouse and the Tesla Electric Company | The contract with Westinghouse | Tesla in Pittsburgh | The ‘death current’ | Tesla’s high-frequency currents | The Tesla coil | Chapter: The War of Currents II | Tesla’s triumphs | Energy flashes through the ether | The magician of Paris | Farewell to home | Triumph in Belgrade, trouble in Bonn | J.P. Morgan | Henry Villard | General Electric | The Panic of 1893| AC worldwide | Tesla invents the radio | Chicago city lights

Chapter: Conqueror of the world | Worldwide fame | Worldwide crisis | Buffalo and Niagara | Tesla superstar | Luka and Mrs. Filipov Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain) | The ether | High Society | Nikola Tesla Company | German capital for Niagara | Disaster

Chapter: Life goes on | Cathedrals of power | Swami Vivekananda | Friends in High Places | JJ Astor | X-rays | Tesla at Niagara | Tesla Radio vs. Radio Marconi | The submarine robot

Chapter: Tesla’s ‘world system’ | Coals trademark ‘Tesla’ | Tesla needs money | Hotel Astoria | Colorado Springs 1899-1900 | Tesla’s magnifying transmitter | The discovery of standing waves | Peacock Alley | The increase of human energy | 1, 2, 3 … MARS | Radiant energy | A match made in heaven

Chapter: Wardenclyffe – World Wide Wireless | The tycoon boards ship | The new technology | The ‘Tesla Works’ at Wardenclyffe | McKinley shot – Marconi wins battle | Tesla’s Power Tower | Wardenclyffe is lost| Taking the bull by the horns

Chapter: Fighting for Wardenclyffe | Free energy for world peace | Money! Money! Money! | The dark side | The end of the gilded age | Tesla’s hubris | The Tunguska incident of 1908 | Marconi and Braun get Nobel Prizes | The Tesla turbine | The Hammond case | Friends pass | Tesla’s Blue Portrait

Chapter: The lost dream | The mad scientist of Gotham City | The end of the old world | Tesla’s Telefunken-Connection | The Lusitania | Pigeons, Gusle | The Marconi affair | Nobel Prizes for Tesla and Edison | Bye-bye Waldorf, bye-bye Wardenclyffe | The Edison Medal | Wardenclyffe blown up

Chapter: The Magician of Science Fiction Technology | Tesla’s new haven - The ‘Electrical Experimenter’ | Radar | The turbine flops | The private Mr. Tesla | Tesla’s last friends | Energy from the universe | A luxury car powered by space energy | Tesla’s death-ray machine | Tesla, the poet | Tesla’s final attempt | Tesla vs. Superman

Chapter: Tesla Can Never Die | The nephew | A Royal Visit | Tesla the alien | Nikola Tesla Museum Belgrade | Tesla’s legacy

Chapter: Radio | Death-Rays | Philadelphia experiment | Howitzer | Woodpecker | HAARP | Wardenclyffe’s destiny | Free energy | Wireless transmission of energy – past, present, and tomorrow | Tesla’s Honors | Tesla in Czechoslovakia, Tesla Motors | Tesla in the media








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